Reasons Not to Postpone Oral Surgery

When your dentist recommends oral surgery, it’s never a good idea to postpone that surgery. Waiting can increase your recovery time and lead to other complications. Also, the more infected your tooth is, the less likely the anesthesia is to thoroughly numb the surgical site.

Our skilled dentists in Round Rock, TX carefully choose the most optimal timetable for your surgery to help ensure minimal pain and the very best outcome.

Common types of oral surgery include:

Root Canal

Root canal treatment, while not technically surgery, is often an alternative to an extraction. Root canal treatment involves saving your tooth but treating or excising infected or diseased pulp. Postponing this procedure leads to increased pain, breakthrough toothaches, the spread of infection, and the risk of tooth loss.


Prosthodontic surgery addresses oral defects surgically—missing teeth, structures of the jaw, or other. Many prosthodontic procedures involve pre-operative preparation. When you postpone surgery, it can mean repeating pre-operative steps or losing a window of opportunity to help give you the best outcome.


Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common oral surgeries. Wisdom teeth come in much later than your adult teeth and sometimes only partially erupt, leaving an open pocket in your jaw. Bacteria can invade this pocket, lead to infection, and compromise surrounding teeth.

Sometimes teeth are extracted due to overcrowding or prior to an orthodontic procedure. In this case, also keep your appointment and don’t put off surgery. Overcrowding makes it difficult to brush and floss properly. Besides, you want your extractions done sooner rather than later to maintain optimum oral health.

Oral Surgery in a Timely Manner

Don’t delay oral surgery. Don’t risk optimal outcomes.

If you’re experiencing dental pain or notice your wisdom teeth starting to come in, contact Old Settlers Dental today to schedule an appointment in our Round Rock, TX office.

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