How to Get the Most Out of Your Flossing Routine

At Old Settlers Dental, our dentists and hygienists recommend brushing and flossing at least twice per day and visiting your dentist regularly. Flossing helps clean between teeth and promotes good oral hygiene and optimal dental health.

Flossing is a great way to clean tight areas that your toothbrush can miss, and it’s important to have a flossing routine to prevent dental issues between professional cleanings in our Round Rock, TX dental office.

Let’s look at how to get the best results from your flossing routine.

Five Steps to Optimal Flossing

Step 1: Make it a habit to floss at least twice per day.
Step 2: Start with about a foot and a half of floss, and wind the majority of this floss around your middle fingers. As you go, unwind clean areas of floss to use between teeth, so you don’t spread bacteria.
Step 3: Using your thumb and index finger as a guide, move the floss up and down between each tooth. Make sure to be gentle.
Step 4: After you have moved the floss up and down between teeth, angle it around each tooth and gently clean just below the gumline.
Step 5: Make sure to gently remove floss from between teeth—never tug or yank.

Choosing the Right Dental Floss

It’s more important to floss daily than worry about the type of floss you use. Basic dental floss is either nylon or filament. Nylon comes in a variety of flavors like cinnamon, peppermint or plain.

Filament may work better if your teeth are spaced close together with few gaps, but both types of floss are recommended and effective for cleaning between teeth.

Good Flossing Cannot Take the Place of Dental Cleanings!

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning or checkup, contact our dental office today!