Wisdom Tooth Extraction

8 Recovery Tips Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In the surgery, there will be a recovery period that can be up to a couple of days. During this, some pain, discomfort, and swelling are common & expected. To make sure that your healing is as intended, below are a few tips that you can pursue post wisdom tooth extraction procedure:

Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery Tips

● Listen to the Oral Surgeon
Our oral surgeon is your guide for a brief and comfortable recovery. Since each patient is different, our dentist will provide you with instructions precise to your case. Make sure that you follow all the post-surgery instructions.

● Keep a Check on Your Bleeding
It is normal for some blood to bleed out the first day after your wisdom tooth extraction surgery. You may even encounter redness in saliva while rinsing. It is best to first rinse and then put a gauze pad over the area to hold the bleeding. To minimize the bleeding, you should sit upright and avoid vigorous activity for a few days. You should also avoid extreme spitting to avoid the blood clot from getting blocked out of the socket. This condition is known as a dry socket and can slow your healing process.

● Take Your Pain Management Medication
A wisdom tooth extraction will cause you some pain. However, our oral surgeon will prescribe you some painkillers to reduce the pain. Make sure to take them as specified to avoid pain.

Self-Care Tips

● Use an Ice Pack
Getting your third molars extracted can induce swelling and bruising of your cheeks. To reduce the swelling, use an ice pack every twenty minutes. The swelling goes down in two to four days. Bruising, however, may need a longer time to heal.

● Get Plenty of Rest
When it is about long-term healing, it’s most suitable to take things gradually before you hurry back to your day-to-day routine. So, make sure to get as much rest as you can for a couple of days after the tooth extraction. Moreover, keep your head straight by sleeping on pillows.

● Quit Tobacco Use
Tobacco products, be it cigarettes or chewable tobacco is dangerous to your recovery. In addition, the action of smoking can also create a dry socket, which will put your healing a step back. Hence, do not use any tobacco products for at least a week after the surgery.

● Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene
Our dentist will recommend you not to brush, rinse, spit or use a mouthwash for the first 24 hours post wisdom tooth extraction surgery in Round Rock, TX. Once you continue brushing your teeth, make sure to be delicate near the wound. You must always rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash or warm salt water after every meal.

Dietary Tips

● Monitor Your Fluid Intake

Make sure that you drink lots of fluids after the surgery. It includes water and homemade fruit juices. You should not take caffeine, carbonated food, alcohol for the first-day post-surgery, as they can hamper the restorative process. You should also avoid drinking from a straw for a week because the sucking action can drive the blood clot to block and form a dry socket.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Round Rock, TX

Generally when a wisdom tooth does not have enough room to grow it results in tooth infection, severe pain, and other dental issues, so it is better to get it removed. If you are also facing molar tooth issues contact us for your wisdom tooth extraction at our dental office in Round Rock, TX.