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Invisalign Treatment – What Happens After It?

Way to straighten teeth are so many, and one of the most popular options is an Invisalign treatment. A child can easily wear cosmetically discreet, clear, plastic aligners instead of metal braces that make your mouth look full of wires. As a parent, you might be concerned about the following step after these Invisalign clear aligners have been in use for months or years.

Invisalign Treatment Is Over- What’s Next?

Some patients think that they can reduce the time spent using Invisalign aligners by removing them once the teeth are no longer twisted. However, this method is not advisable because you have to consult an orthodontist and get their approval. The reason is that some misalignments are so minute that only the skilled eye of a specialist would be capable of picking them up. If you will not follow this, then your teeth will gradually move back to their original crooked position & can create issues in the future. 

Unlike wearers of metal braces, Invisalign users do not need a different method to take them off. The aligner is easy to remove trays. As soon as you have the approval of the orthodontist, you can take off Invisalign and carry on in your orthodontist treatment, maybe with retainers. But if your Invisalign got fitted with some reason to hold it in place. Removing your attachments is a minor procedure, staying only a few minutes.

How Teeth Will Appear After the Treatment

Once an Invisalign treatment gets completed, teeth must be straight with no gaps or crowding. Irrespective of the dental issue due to which you use the treatment, be it crowding, crooked or crooked teeth, they should have disappeared with this course. A beautiful and bright smile is your reward for selecting and adhering to this treatment.

How Long Should I Wear a Retainer?

After you complete your Invisalign treatment in Round Rock, TX, you will need a retainer. It will keep your newly straightened teeth from retaking their last misaligned position. Most patients are not keen on wearing metal retainers, but this has to be done. Retainers provide time for bones in the jaw to set the teeth into their new position. Thankfully, an Invisalign treatment comes with the advantage of using a clear retainer after.

Are More Teeth Straightening Procedures Required?

Once you are done with clear aligners and retainers, the only other care you are supposed to do is to follow good daily oral hygiene. You should brush and floss at least twice daily and must use toothpaste that contains fluoride for whiter teeth.

Visit the Orthodontist After Invisalign Treatment

After the treatment, the frequency of your visiting a dental office will reduce. However, you will still have to see an orthodontist occasionally as per instructed by our orthodontist.

Invisalign Treatment In Round Rock, TX

Invisalign treatment can give you the best results you desire, but this is not it, you must also follow the instructions of your orthodontist & wear retainers to get life-long straight teeth. Contact us if you want to know more about Invisalign & retainers