Emergency Dentistry

Is My Dental Concern An Emergency?

Know If Your Dental Concern Is An Emergency

Sometimes, dental emergencies aren’t what you predict. On one hand, you may think your present concerns are not that severe, and handling them can be delayed. On the other hand, you may think you have an emergency that eventually became much less severe than you thought. Today, we take a look at how to know if your dental concern is an emergency and if it deserves a prompt dental appointment & treatment.

Sudden & Severe Toothache

Indeed, no toothache should ever be overlooked, but not every toothache is deemed as an emergency. For instance, your tooth might be sensitive because you need to enhance your hygiene routine, or because a piece of food got stuck between your tooth. However, if you encounter sudden and severe toothache, then the reason may be more serious, and thus, might pose a more direct threat to your oral health. After a thorough exam and diagnosis, we can help you find the cause of your severe toothache and suggest a treatment plan to restore the tooth and preserve your smile.

Trauma to Face & Oral Structures

Traumatic damage to the face or oral structures always needs the service of emergency dentistry in Round Rock, TX, and relying on the scope of the damage, your dentist or oral health expert may be the most suitable person to turn to. Such injuries can vary significantly in how intense they are and what regions of your face or oral structures they impact. Yet, in multiple cases, an injury in one area can have potentially severe results for the health and virtue of other related facial and oral structures. During your visit, a careful and thorough examination, including highly complex digital imaging, can help us choose the precise nature and scope of your damages. If required, your treatment may need a team effort between your general dentist and one or more oral specialists.

Bleeding In Oral Tissues

When you see a little amount of blood mixed in with your saliva and toothpaste when you brush your teeth, the cause is usually gingivitis, the initial stage of gum disease. It can be a grave warning of a condition that can ultimately become much more severe but can be addressed successfully during your next preventative appointment at our dental office in Round Rock, TX. However, if you see that your gums and other oral tissues start bleeding profusely, even without applying pressure, the reason may be more effective and quick than early gum disease.

Emergency Dentistry In Round Rock, TX

If you are looking for an emergency concern near you then you have landed at the right place. Our dentists in Round Rock, TX, are always ready to help you with your emergency needs. Contact us if you want to know how to handle dental emergencies or to let us know about your dental emergency- reach our dental office in Round Rock, TX.