Maintaining Dental Health During the Holidays

The end of the year is coming and will be bringing the holidays with it. People will be spending evenings at parties and dinners as well as snacking at office lunches. We know that rich desserts and alcohol will be served as well. All of this culinary celebrating can do quite a bit of damage to our teeth. But there are a few basic hygiene habits that can help.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

We are all taught at an early age to brush our teeth twice a day. It’s a daily habit that we don’t even think about, but it’s also very easy to forget our nightly routines after being out late. Make sure to brush your teeth each morning, just in case you forget the night before. This will help reduce any potential damage from the sugar in the holiday foods. You can also place prepasted toothbrushes on your nightstand in case you forget.

Keep Travel Dental Supplies With You

When you are going from work to holiday parties, pack travel toothbrushes or prepasted ones. You can slip away from the party and brush away the residue of your holiday dinner before you start taking the celebratory photos. You can also keep dental strips on hand to help save your breath from any spicy foods. These little tricks will let you relax and enjoy your party.

Drink Plenty of Water

We all enjoy raising a glass for a cheerful toast among friends, but too much caffeine and alcohol can be damaging to your teeth. The sugars in these drinks can erode the enamel and leave your teeth subject to cavities. If you have no way of brushing your teeth, make sure to drink plenty of water and keep your mouth rinsed out. this will cut down on anything that may be adhering to your teeth and help protect them. It will also help you avoid any negative side effects of alcohol.

Schedule Your Cleanings

During the rush of the holidays, scheduling a dental appointment is probably one of the last things you’ll be thinking of. Try and get scheduled beforehand, so you can approach the festive season with thoroughly cleaned teeth and gums that have no tartar buildup. You will be able to enjoy the buffets, dinners and parties without worry.

We all know how fun and festive this season can be. We enjoy the chance to celebrate with our friends and loved ones around the amazing food and drinks that grace our tables. We’ll be laughing and talking, taking pictures and smiling at each other. Let us get your teeth in perfect party condition and follow these tips to keep them that way.