Stained and discolored teeth are no fun. In fact, when you are unhappy with your smile, it can influence your self-esteem. You may find yourself covering your smile when you laugh and never showing your teeth in pictures.

At Old Settlers Dental, we invite you to uncover your smile in 2019.

We offer several teeth whitening options, and there is nothing better than starting a new year with a new smile. The teeth whitening options in our Round Rock, TX dental office provide amazing results, heads above any product you can purchase in the store or online.

Teeth whitening begins with a general assessment of your oral health. If you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, the options are many.

KöR Whitening Gel Equals Fantastic Results

Our KöR teeth whitening gel reaches deep into your tooth’s enamel to release the most resistant stains.

This process relies on a custom-made mouth tray that you can use at home. These trays coupled with our gel give you brighter teeth for the new year. And we will provide you with instructions on how long to use your tray and gel at home.

Nite White Means Teeth Whitening While You Sleep

This system is designed to be worn while you’re asleep. Imagine waking up each morning with your teeth whiter than the day before!

This approach also relies on custom-made mouth trays.

Choosing the Best Option

A caring team member will help you make the best teeth whitening choice for your unique needs. However, we’re confident that both options will leave you with a fantastic new smile.

Contact Our Dental Office

Our team is available to answer any questions that you might have about teeth whitening.

Contact our Round Rock Dental office if you would like to schedule a teeth whitening assessment today.

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