The Types of Oral Surgery We Offer

At our Round Rock, TX general dentistry practice, we offer oral surgery right here, and in most cases, we can complete your treatment without the need for a referral to an oral surgeon. Our dentists have the experience, training, and knowledge to effectively extract diseased or damaged teeth and to place dental implants to replace missing teeth.

When an Extraction Becomes Necessary

At Old Settlers Dental, we do our best to save your natural teeth and protect your oral health. Sometimes, however, removing a tooth may become necessary due to decay, infection, or trauma from an accident. When that happens, we are here for you and will make the process of extracting your tooth as painless as possible. We will also make tooth-replacement recommendations to complete your smile.

Other reasons you may need a dental extraction include: misalignment, overcrowding, symptomatic wisdom teeth, and trauma. Our patients appreciate having their extractions here in our Round Rock, TX dental office where they feel comfortable.

Dental Implant Placement

When you do have a tooth extracted, one of the best ways to replace it is a dental implant. Dental implants have a number of benefits, including unsurpassed esthetics, convenience, and bone retention. Plus, they can last for decades, giving you reliable stability.

We place and restore dental implants here in our office. Our patients appreciate the continuity of care and the ability to have their dental implant treatment in a familiar office with a dentist they know and trust.

Comfortable Oral Surgery

We always make your comfort a top priority and will strive to give you pain-free dentistry for any type of treatment you need. You can always count on us to check in with you, make sure you are healing properly, and be available for any questions you may have regarding your treatment.

If you have oral surgery needs, give us a call to schedule an exam and we will get you started toward a healthier smile.