The American College of Prosthodontists estimates that 178 million people ages 18-65 in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth, and more than 35 million people do not have any teeth at all. In adults, tooth loss can occur due to gum disease, decay, injury, or cancer.

If you have any of these problems, we will consult with you to see if implants may be right for you. We will determine if your overall health will allow you to accept the implants with minimal risk of rejection; this will also depend on your general dental habits. Like your natural teeth, dental hygiene is extremely important with dental implants.

If it is determined that you need implants, our first step is to prepare a bony socket in your gum and jaw  to act as a root for your new tooth. A titanium screw, anywhere from 6 to 16 millimeters in length, will be inserted in and a healing abutment placed on it. After three months of healing, the titanium will be fused with the bone. This is called “osseointegration”. Once the implant, or implants, have fused, a crown, bridge or denture can placed and on the healed implant.

Dental implants have several advantages over other tooth replacement options such as bridges and conventional dentures; while the others can lead to bone deterioration, implants stimulate the natural bone just as your natural teeth do. This stimulation helps to prevent bone loss and allows you to keep the implants as long as you take care of them, even for the rest of your life. The main advantage of implants over other tooth replacement options is that they look, feel, fit, and function like natural teeth.

 Dental Implants in Round Rock, TX

If you feel that you may be a candidate for implants, call Old Settlers Dental to schedule a free consultation!