Sedation Dentistry

6 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry uses sedatives during dental treatment. The options include oral, inhaled, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. If you have dental anxiety about visiting the dentist, you should consider sedation dentistry in Round Rock, TX. What are the benefits of sedation dentistry for you?

Reasons Why People Choose Sedation Dentistry

1. Eases Anxiety

The biggest benefit of sedation dentistry is that it eases the anxiety that people feel during their dental appointments. There’s a spectrum of severity of dental anxiety, with some individuals feeling just a little nervous while others are so worried that they can’t go to their dental appointments. The more nervous you feel, the more you may benefit from sedation dentistry to facilitate the anxiety.

2. No Memory Of The Procedure

For many people, dental anxiety gets sourer every time they go to the dentist. In some situations, the memory of a bad experience with a dentist when the patient was just a child keeps coming back every time they visit a dentist. Once you are given the sedation, the memory of the whole procedure will be cloudy or maybe absent. This way, dental anxiety doesn’t keep backing itself.

3. Reduced Gag Reflex

It’s crucial to have a functioning gag reflex to save yourself from inhaling anything but air. However, in some cases, the gag reflex is too sensitive, and having the dentist work inside your mouth may trigger the gag reflex. It makes it difficult for the dentist to do the required work. With sedation dentistry in Round Rock, TX, the gag reflex gets reduced. It allows the dentist to do work more effectively, and makes the patient comfortable during the procedure.

4. Faster Treatment

Treatment can usually be achieved in fewer sessions when using sedation. In the case of complex treatments such as a smile makeover, this benefit can be very useful & making treatment more comfortable for patients because they need to schedule fewer sessions. The small cost of sedation is often far overshadowed by the savings in having more effective treatment.

5. Overcome Dental Phobia

Past incidents, sensitive teeth, and general fear of the dentist can be sufficient to prevent anyone from planning a dental appointment. Whether you’re mildly nervous about dental appointments or so afraid that you nearly break out into a sweat, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Dental sedation is an ideal tool to help overcome your anxiety about the dentist’s chair. Most people only need it once or twice before devaluating it to a lesser sedative or not needing any at all.

6. Choose The Level of Sedation for Yourself

Dental sedation comes in variable levels, relying on what your needs are. How does dental sedation feel? Some methods are more delicate and quickly reversible, while others are more in-depth and last long. You can feel as if you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine or are exhausted enough that it’s like sleeping through the entire dental appointment.

Dental Sedation In Round Rock, TX

Old Settlers Dental offers several types of in-house dental sedation in Round Rock, TX. If you have questions regarding the cost of dental sedation cost or you want to know whether you are a good candidate for dental sedation. We encourage you to reserve a no-fuss consultation at our Round Rock, TX practice. We’ll check your medical history and medical background to help you choose the best sedation options for your requirements!

Our dental professionals will keep in mind your oral care needs & will use the level of sedation as per your health & requirement of the procedure, to know more, contact Old Settlers Dental today to get started. Book your consultation now.