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6 Best Teeth Whitening Treatments & Procedures

To be precise, teeth whitening is considered to be the process of applying whitening products to your teeth. Using this will help you to brighten your teeth like no other. Dentists tend to apply hydrogen peroxide on your front teeth, which penetrates the porous outer layer of your teeth. This helps in breaking apart stain compounds through the process of oxidation. Still not clear? Here are some of the most common procedures of teeth whitening in Round Rock we bet you didn’t know existed. 

Why Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

The simple response to this question is that teeth whitening effectively helps you enhance your look. Your teeth are mainly stained as a result of drinking soda, tea, and coffee. You will eventually require teeth whitening the most.  Cosmetic dentists in Round Rock are glad to offer the finest teeth-whitening treatments according to your current oral health. Smoking can also stain your teeth if you’ve been a smoker for a long time. The greatest option under these circumstances to restore your teeth to their previous natural whiteness is teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

We don’t like imperfections because our perceptions are shaped that way. Especially when it comes to teeth, they act as a significant part of your apprentice. With the help of teeth whitening, one can hide their imperfections perfectly. On the other hand, with the help of teeth whitening, not only can you enhance your appearance but can also boost your confidence effectively. The professional whitening process in Round Rock comes with a wide array of treatment procedures which are as follows:

Laser Technique   

Also known as laser teeth bleaching, this professional teeth whitening technique involves the application of a bleaching gel. After this, a laser is directed to the gel-applied teeth, which heats the gal. Following this, the thinning properties of the gel are activated and it gets you whitening teeth. 

KöR Teeth Whitening

The cosmetic dentist in this professional whitening technique tends to use a deep bleaching system. Tetracycline, which is a major substance that can result in permanent tooth discoloration, is removed from your teeth. Although the KÖR teeth whitening method is regarded as being fairly slow, it may give you benefits that last a very long time. This teeth whitening procedure may last for more than six months to more than three years. It gives you the best smile you’ve ever had and is frequently suggested by cosmetic dentists in Round Rock.

Whitening Strips 

Teeth whitening strips tend to perceive the potential of whitening your teeth by bleaching the stains. This involves the use of hydrogen peroxide that helps you to brighten your teeth naturally. Teeth whitening strips are found to target yellowish aging stains as well as stains caused by sugary beverages. 


This whitening technique is regarded as a take-home option. A home kit with a whitening tray is used in the professional whitening procedure. It is built specifically for you using imprints of your teeth taken by your cosmetic dentist. Only after keeping them for two to three weeks will you see significant changes in the color of your teeth. This is your take-home remedy for brightening teeth. 

Overall, it can be well presumed that the presence of tooth brightening is responsible for lightening teeth. This further contributes to getting rid of teeth discoloration and stains. Over the years, it has managed to gain its identity as one of the most preferred cosmetic dental procedures that improve the appearance of skill without any inconvenience. 

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