Wisdom Teeth Removal

Protect Your Other Teeth From Future Problems

We offer wisdom teeth removal service in Round Rock, Texas that will prevent damage to nearby teeth!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal In Round Rock, TX

Wisdom teeth are the most common teeth that require extraction. While some people have no problems when their wisdom teeth erupt in their late teens and early twenties, others may require tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth can clog the mouth and cause misalignment and pain in the teeth. They may also be affected or grow at an unusual angle. When these problems arise, they must be removed to avoid further dental problems.

Our goal is to help you preserve as many of your natural teeth as possible. Old Settlers Dental is here to help whether you need a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal in Round Rock, TX. We also provide tooth replacement options such as dental bridges and implants. Make an appointment with Old Settlers Dental right away.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

What Is The Need For Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Third molars, or wisdom teeth, are the last permanent teeth to emerge from the gums. These teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. Some people don’t get wisdom teeth at all. Others have wisdom teeth that erupt naturally, exactly like their other molars and cause no issues.

Numerous people have impacted wisdom teeth, which are teeth that don’t have enough room to erupt or develop correctly in the mouth. Affected wisdom teeth may only develop partially or not at all.

A wisdom tooth that has been impacted might cause:

  • Grow at a 45-degree angle to the adjacent tooth.
  • Emerge at an angle towards the back of the mouth
  • Wisdom teeth emerge from the jawbone at a straight angle to the other teeth, as though “laying down.”
  • Like other teeth, they can grow straight up or down, but they are locked within the jawbone.

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