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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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Services at Old Settlers Dental | Round Rock, TXWe know that your life is busy with obligations that can make scheduling regular dental care a challenge. At Old Settlers Dental, we simplify your family’s oral health care by offering a wide range of comprehensive dental treatments. You don’t have to run from one specialist to another to find treatment for your family – we can handle all your needs right here in our modern Round Rock dental office.

We offer comprehensive dental care with a focus on restoring health to damaged or missing teeth. We also provide all the other essential services that you and your family need, from fillings to TMJ treatment and everything in between. Dr. Zavala and Dr. Lewcock have all the training and expertise required to transform your smile to its full health and beauty.

We Want to See Your Beautiful Straight Smile!

You deserve a smile that looks great and creates a positive first impression everywhere you go. It’s great to know that your teeth are healthy, but everyone wants a beautiful smile that makes them feel confident and happy with the way they look.

Are you an adult or older teen who would like to correct the appearance of misaligned teeth? Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are both excellent adult orthodontic options. Treatment is efficient, and you don’t have to worry about bulky braces that impact your appearance.

Cosmetic dental treatments like porcelain veneers and tooth bonding can correct many cosmetic dental flaws. We offer many different dental procedures to bring out a stunning look.

Dental Bonding
Do you have a gap between your teeth that you want to be filled? Dental bonding is a wonderful way to fix slight dental flaws. If you have chipped teeth, unevenly shaped teeth, or gaps—your Round Rock, TX dentist can fix your smile in just one dental visit. 

Dental Crowns
Our porcelain dental crowns look completely natural and help to strengthen and protect damaged teeth. If you have teeth that are chipped or fractured in some way, there are several dental options available to you. Dental crowns are a popular choice because they protect the tooth they cover and aren’t as fragile as porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers
Do you have teeth that are yellow or heavily stained? In most cases, teeth whitening can brighten and polish your teeth, but some stains are too dark to remove. A veneer covers the front surface of your tooth so that you can enjoy a beautiful white smile. Veneers are also recommended for teeth that are too small, too far apart or chipped. 

Professional Teeth Whitening
Do you have a special occasion coming up, like a wedding or reunion? Teeth whitening is one of the most common and affordable ways to give yourself a quick makeover and really make your smile sparkle. We offer KöR, an innovative whitening treatment that produces dramatic and noticeable results. We also provide convenient NiteWhite professional take-home kits that allow you to achieve excellent results in the privacy of your home.

If you are in Round Rock, TX, and would like to utilize the science of dentistry to create a beautiful smile, schedule an appointment with us to go over your dental options. There are no tooth flaws we can’t fix.

Effective Treatment Optionsdentist treatment | round rock, tx | old settlers dental‚Äč

We restore damaged teeth using crowns, bridges, and dental implants that help maintain your optimal oral health. Dr. Lewcock and Dr. Zavala want to protect the integrity of your teeth by saving as much tooth structure as possible. We always look for the least invasive type of treatment when recommending dental restorations. This conservative approach supports your long-term oral health and reduces the risk of more serious problems occurring in the future.

If you need a root canal or oral surgery, we offer comfortable sedation and stress-reducing amenities that will help you relax. You’ll be supported every step of the way, and our team knows just how to put you at ease with a compassionate approach and gentle touch. Don’t worry if you have an emergency – we’ve got you covered and will make arrangements to see you as quickly as possible.  

Are You Experiencing Jaw Pain?

Feeling chronic pain is a sign that you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist at Old Settlers Dental. While some times, the pain can go away after a few days, many times, it develops into something severe or even debilitating. Please do not delay in contacting us if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Soreness around the jawline
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Pain opening or closing your mouth
  • Clicking noises when opening your mouth
  • Pain during yawning or chewing

One of the most common dental services we provide for patients is TMJ treatment. Our dentists work with our patients to diagnose TMJ, and we provide treatment for pain. If you find that you are clenching or grinding your teeth, especially at night, we can provide night guards to help protect your teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

While enamel is one of the hardest substances in our body, our teeth are surprisingly fragile through wear and tear. Losing a tooth or needing a tooth extraction happens frequently, and our Round Rock, TX dental team is highly-skilled in oral surgery. Whatever the reason for tooth extraction may be, we make sure it’s a painless and stressfree experience. Along with sedation therapy to ensure you are comfortable, we provide headphones, soft blankets, and relaxing aromatherapy to help soothe our patients.

Since a missing tooth can, over time, create a shift in your smile and lead to bone loss; we recommend replacing it as quickly as possible. We offer dental implants, a permanent tooth replacement, as a natural and effective way to maintain the shape of your smile as well as the freedom to eat anything you want. Dental implants are shaped to match your existing teeth and fit in seamlessly; no one will ever know just by looking. 

Not everyone opts for oral surgery as a tooth replacement solution, but that’s your choice. We also offer dental bridges that replace one or more missing teeth without needed surgery. In just two dental visits, we can determine the best procedure and take measurements. Most times, your bridge will be bonded to the adjacent teeth, but in cases of multiple missing teeth, we may recommend an implant-supported bridge or denture. 

If you are in Round Rock, TX, visit us at Old Settlers Dental to replace a missing tooth or fix any dental problem that concerns you. We are available at any time for your dental needs. 

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We want to be your partners in achieving the healthy, stunning smile that you were born to have. We work hard to build long-term patient relationships so that we can help you achieve a healthy, polished, stunning smile. By working together with mutual trust and respect, we can help diagnose dental issues before they become severe, monitor your oral and general health, and listen to your concerns about your smile. In Round Rock, TX, our patients are our family. 

The first step is to contact us to arrange a convenient visit so you can meet our team. Call today to see the difference that a friendly, personalized approach can make to your dental care.

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