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What types of oral surgery do you offer?

Oral Surgery Round Rock TexasHearing that you need oral surgery is overwhelming for many people. But we can assure you that at our Round Rock, TX dental office, we do everything to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.

The most common type of oral surgery we perform is tooth extraction. But Dr. Zavala and Dr. Lewcock both also have the skill and training necessary to place dental implants

Tooth Extractions

We only recommend extraction of a tooth as a last resort. Some cases where extraction may be necessary include a tooth with a severely infected root canal that we can't save with treatment or a tooth that has fractured below the gum line. Our doctors may also recommend extraction to correct overcrowding or in preparation for dentures.

Dental Implants

Dental implant placement is usually a straightforward procedure where the implant is surgically placed in your jaw and allowed to heal. When healing is complete, our doctors will create a restoration to restore the tooth to full function. However, if we find that you don’t have sufficient bone for a successful implant placement, we will perform bone graft surgery. 

If you have concerns about oral surgery, please call our Round Rock, TX dental office. We will be happy to arrange a convenient consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your needs. 

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