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How can I safely whiten my teeth?

Teeth Whitening Round Rock TX If you’ve been looking for effective teeth whitening, you know there’s an overwhelming variety of over-the-counter products available. But it’s good to remember that you get what you pay for, and that’s especially true for teeth whitening. Lots of people spend money buying all sorts of products only to be disappointed by the results and the discomfort of irritated gums.

Our Round Rock dentists can provide whitening gel that is stronger than any store-bought system. You can be confident that the results will not only be spectacular but we also carefully adjust the concentration to eliminate any sensitivity.

We will start by talking about your goals so we can be sure to provide the desired results. At this time we will also evaluate your existing situation and determine how teeth whitening will work for you. At Old Settlers Dental, we offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening options.

KöR Teeth Whitening System

For in-office treatment, we are proud to use the KöR Teeth Whitening System. We provide you with a customized set of whitening trays that you wear for about two weeks while you sleep for amazing results. If you’d like more control over your whitening, we offer NiteWhite, a take-home kit that also provides excellent results.

An important advantage of professional teeth whitening is that we can guide you so you can find the type of product that is exactly right for you. Please contact our Round Rock dental office for more information or to arrange an appointment for your next cleaning.

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