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What can dental bonding fix?

Dental bonding is a noninvasive procedure we can often complete in one dental visit. Dental bonding is best when making small repairs to teeth, such as filling chips, narrow gaps, or reshaping damaged teeth.

dental bonding | round rock tx dentistBonding Process

We use tooth-colored composite, the same material we use to fill cavities and match it to your teeth for a seamless appearance. Dental bonding in our Round Rock dental office is typically completed on teeth that do not absorb much of the force from chewing. For posterior teeth, or back teeth, a dental crown will offer greater stability and longevity.

To apply composite, we may need to numb the tooth, but not in every case. When filling a small chip or gap, the bonding material will be bonded directly to your natural tooth after applying a bonding agent and hardened with a curing light.

The Purpose of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding in our Round Rock dental office is used for cosmetic purposes, but it can also smooth a rough tooth that has been damaged, so it doesn’t irritate your mouth or tongue.

To learn more about dental bonding, give us a call. We will always present all of your treatment options and help you make a choice that works best for you. 

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