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Considering Orthodontics as an Adult

Adult Orthodontics in Round Rock TX, Old Settlers Dental

If you've lived with crooked teeth, it's always on your mind when you speak in front of others, or when you shake hands with that new client. You may feel self-conscious about your smile, which diminishes your confidence. Adult orthodontics in Round Rock, TX may just be the solution you've been looking for.

Crooked Teeth and Oral Health

Did you know that when your teeth overlap it also affects your oral health? Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean when you brush and floss, which puts you at an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Your teeth are also more likely to become chipped or fractured when they overlap. A ...

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You Are What You Eat - Pt. 1

Oral Health in Round Rock TX, Old Settlers Dental

We've all heard the saying, "you are what you eat." Well, when it comes to the health of your mouth, that is a very accurate statement. Eating a well-balanced diet is crucial for overall health and well-being, of course, but one of the first symptoms of a bad diet is poor oral health. Join us in our two-part "You are what you eat" series as we discuss the best and worst habits when it comes to oral health and diet.


Who doesn't love cheese? In addition to offering calcium and protein, hard cheeses such as cheddar tend to raise the pH level- which means lower acidity- lowering the risk of tooth ...

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The Process of an Extraction and Dental Implant

Dental Implants Round Rock TX

Dental implants are a common procedure today, and with good reason! If you are in need of a tooth replacement option, implants are a great choice- here's why: 

  • Durability: Dental implants are extremely durable, so they can hold up to eating just like normal without any breakage. Since the implant is anchored into your jaw bone, you get a lot of strength in your new tooth from this process, unlike several other replacement options available today. 
  • Aesthetics: Your dental implant will be topped with a full crown, which can be matched very well to your natural teeth. This means that your implant will look completely natural, and it would be difficult to see which ...

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Got A Gap? We Can Fix That!

Gap Tooth Treatment in Round Rock TX, Old Settlers Dental

What is a Bridge?


What is a bridge to you? To some, it is a way to get across an obstacle, to others a way to connect. In the dental industry, a bridge is a method of fixing a gap. A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of a gap- these two or more anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth- and a false tooth/teeth in between. The false tooth/teeth between the two anchoring teeth is called a ...

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Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry in round rock tx, Old Settlers Dental

There are many people who suffer from anxiety when they even just think about visiting the dentist. For those patients who have fear of going to the dentist, sedation dentistry can be a real comfort. Old Settlers Dental sedation dentistry enables patients to feel relaxed and calm throughout their visit. There are a number of sedation dentistry options available to patients today. Let’s go over them here.

Types of Sedation Dentistry Available

There are four types of sedation dentists use today. These are:

Nitrous oxide sedation: Nitrous oxide provides a type of sedation referred to as conscious inhalation. Patients will breathe in the gas (also referred to as laughing gas) which will ...

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The Stinky Truth Behind Halitosis

Bad Breath | Round Rock TX Dentist

Halitosis, or foul-­smelling breath, is usually caused by the breakdown of food. Other causes are poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, disease, infection, tobacco use and severe dieting.

What You Can Do

Keep bad breath away with good dental hygiene. This includes brushing twice a day and flossing daily, and using a toothbrush or tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Take out removable dentures every night and clean them thoroughly. To get more saliva moving in your mouth, try eating healthy foods that require a lot of chewing, chewing sugar­-free gum, or sucking on sugar-­free candies. If your saliva refuses to flow, your dentist may recommend artificial saliva. Tobacco products tend to reduce ...

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Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Round Rock TX | Old Settlers Dental

Dental crowns are used for a variety of treatments. A crown is a custom-fit tooth-shaped cover for your natural tooth that can restore the look and feel of your natural tooth. This cap is sometimes required in your dental procedure, and it's a great option for many patients.

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Dental crowns are a great option for the actual appearance of your teeth. Because they are custom made to fit your teeth, you can choose a porcelain crown to actually look and feel more like a natural tooth. 
  • Improved teeth: If you have a misshapen, uneven, or chipped tooth, a dental crown can restore the cosmetic look of ...

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